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Lehigh University
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Lehigh University

I arrived at Lehigh University in Bethlehem in August of 1991. The city of Bethlehem is one of the three main cities making up the Lehigh Valley. When I arrived in Bethlehem I was ending my last summer in Atlanta and decided to head north to pursue an advanced degree. I completed the master's degree in Computer Science in 1993. Lehigh University

While at Lehigh I have been studying Computer Science which is part of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. Most of the curriculum and research in the department occurs in Packard Lab pictured at the right. The department itself has been through many changes since I arrived but the people are still great.

After completing the master's degree, I decided to pursue a doctorate in Computer Science. Here I studied under Professor Boult. My primary research topic was about customizing software libraries. The dissertation should be completed by year end of 1997.

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