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I arrived at Morehouse College of Atlanta in August of 1985. I was fairly young having skipped the last part of my high school education to attend Morehouse. The decision to attend Morehouse was not made by me but by a family member - Charles Butler. It turned out to one of the best decisions in my life. Upon entering Morehouse, I decided to major in Computer Science and Math. After many years of studying, working, etc., I finally graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1991.

Morehouse has two web sites. One is the unofficial Morehouse College page and the other is the official Morehouse College page. Both sites are great and worth a visit. Morehouse is an all male school located across the street from the all women school of Spelman College. These institutions are part of the much larger Atlanta University center which consists of four other member schools. Morehouse College's Graves Hall


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