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On February 17, 1997 I joined IBM Global Services. I never imagined actually working big blue. It's history, image, and tradition was very well known. My personality was obviously not a fit for the traditional IBM. Well, things changed. I haven't changed much but IBM claimed to be very different. The changes have proven to be beneficial thus far and the immediate future looks bright.

The Company

Formerly ISSC (Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation), IBM Global Services is the division offering professional, product support, and networking services to other business. At the time I joined the company, it was the fastest growing division in IBM. The services offered varied greatly but billions of dollars worth were being sold every year.

IBM Global Services Logo

IBM is the world leader in providing business solutions for medium-size businesses. Through its Global Midmarket Business unit, IBM offers a host of cross-industry and industry-specific solutions designed to meet the needs of growing companies. IBM is a leading provider of electronic business solutions and is dedicated to helping customers, IBM Business Partners, and developers exploit the potential of the Internet and network computing across a wide range of business and industries.

My Position

I signed onto IBM as an Information Technology (I/T) Specialist at the advisory level. This position was in the applications integration department of the managed operations sector of the Global Services division. Application Integration services consisted mostly of solution implementation. These solutions usually came from the Consulting sector of Global Services. All the group/department/sector/division/company can be very confusing and complex and probably no one understands it so I will not attempt to explain how it works.

The Future

Currently, things are going well at IBM and there are no immediate plans for change. A switch to the Consulting division may be in order for the future. Only time will tell.

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