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On 2-Feb-2009 I joined ECOMPEX, Inc. as a Software Development Manager.

The Company

Headquartered in McLean, VA, ECOMPEX is a small software development and consulting company.

My Position

Working at ECOMPEX is quite an adventure. My first impression was amazement at the rate of turnover. There were people to last for less than a day. It was a very stressful environment.

The Future

I spent a lot of time considering a future with ECOMPEX. The CEO did like to give his "generals" the opportunity to expand their skills. It just got to a point where I was physically tired of managing a constantly changing team. My health was just deteriorating everyday.

The End

On 26-August-2011, I decided to call it quits. It was just time to move on to something else. In the previous year, the company had shrunk from a couple hundred down to less than fifty. The future just looked bleaked. Also, I was tired of commuting into Tysons Corner everyday.

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