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On 31-Oct-2002 I joined Synygy Inc.. There was a few months between gigs for me. Many things happened in my personal life as well as professionally. I had much time to re-evaluate matters and modify my thoughts.

The Company

Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA.

My Position

On 31-Oct-2002 I joined Synygy. I was assigned to the Software Automation group in SAR (Software Assessment and Release). My first position was that of Senior Software Automation Specialist. Then I was assigned to the Build Maintenance Manager position in April 2003.

The Future

On 26-Apr-2004 I was downsized from Synygy. The previous week I was on vacation. The Monday when I arrived there was a somber mood in the office. There was a large group of people dismissed on the prior Thursday because the company was not making revenues. The rumor was that outsourcing was the culprit but of course the rumor was dismissed by management.

In any case, a new chapter starts for me...

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