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In the summer of 1996, I made the decision to leave Technology Systems Corporation to pursue other interest. This is when I started consulting for Devon Consulting.

The Company

Serving major companies in the Delaware Valley Tri-state area, Devon Consulting is the largest local supplier of computer consulting talent and is a leader in the professional consulting services industry - Devon Consulting homepage

My Position

My first assignment was with Lucent Technologies in Allentown. Since I lived in Bethlehem, this turned out to be a pretty good assignment.

Lucent Technologies was a new company created from the trivestiture of AT&T. The company was going through many changes - especially the Information Technology and Computer Operations areas. Eventually, all the turmoil settled with Lucent and IBM signing the largest outsourcing deal in history. It was at this point that I knew something had to be done on my part. I decided to change jobs again.

The Future

In February 1997, I decided to join IBM Global Services. This was the division to whom Lucent outsourced it IT operations. Unfortunately, this meant the end of my relationship with Devon Consulting. My first assignment turned out to be the last.

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